Submission on 2020-21 budget

Streets Alive Yarra has made a submission to the City of Yarra on the proposed Budget 2020-21, Strategic Resource Plan, and Long Term Financial Strategy. Download and read it here:

Our submission states that Council is failing to acknowledge and prepare appropriate budget responses for two clearly identifiable trends that occur over our 10-year planning timeframe:

  • Severe traffic congestion and parking congestion
  • Climate emerge

In the image below, change the second wave to “Congestion” to get the idea.

Responding to both of these issues requires funding, which can be derived from the application of the adopted Pricing Policy to the provision of on-street parking services. Applying the policy would deliver equity, affordability and fairness, as well as managing demand for on-street parking and providing revenue for essential mitigation actions.

Published on 16th June 2020.