VicHealth 10-year strategy

VicHealth has published their new 10-year strategy, focussing on reshaping systems:

Focussing on the systems that surround us – from our food, to our neighbourhoods, to the economic conditions we all experience – is critical to enable better and fairer health outcomes.

Professor Emeritus Sir Gustav Nossal, Patron of VicHealth
Image credit: VicHealth


A healthier, fairer Victoria where all Victorians benefit from good health and have the opportunity to thrive.

VicHealth strategy 2023-2033


VicHealth nominates three aspirations, health, economy, and equity:

Image credit: VicHealth

Reshaping systems

The #1 system nominated by VicHealth for reshaping is our neighbourhood environment:

The design, access and use of infrastructure, buildings, space, and transport within communities can address discrimination and improve social, emotional, physical, and mental health.

Image credit: VicHealth

A new approach

VicHealth proposes a new approach to reshape three key systems, with neighbourhoods positioned at the top:

Image credit: VicHealth

Our view

Streets Alive Yarra welcomes VicHealth’s focus on the effect of system design as opposed to individual behaviour. Our neighbourhoods need wider footpaths, more safe crossings, calmed streets, 30 km/h speed limits, and links via a network of protected bike lanes. With such an environment, many more people can integrate physical activity into their daily lives, thereby improving their physical and mental health. We urge local and state government to reflect the advice of VicHealth by increasing budgets for investments in infrastructure for active transport.

Published 26th August 2023