Welcome new champion – YIMBY Melbourne

Streets Alive Yarra is building an online record of broad community support for a beautiful, liveable and accessible city. One way that we do this is to have locals stand up as champions for a policy proposal.

Please welcome our newest champion, YIMBY Melbourne, our champion for density.

YIMBY Melbourne is a grassroots organisation advocating for housing abundance as a means of fixing our current housing crisis. Our organisation aligns closely with Streets Alive Yarra as a fellow group which supports safer, denser, greener, and more liveable streets. Density, or as we have put forward ‘Parisian’ density (six storey, mixed-use buildings) is critical to reducing the cost of renting/owning in the City of the Yarra by increasing the supply of housing. The beauty of Parisian density is that it offers a sustainable middle ground between the land-use inefficient single detached home and blobby high-rise apartment blocks. YIMBY Melbourne proudly welcomes the opportunity to be the champion of density for the City of Yarra. We hope to soon embrace a better world where Melburnians can afford to live where they would like to, be it in an apartment or above the shops.

Hugo Ymer, Outreach Lead, YIMBY Melbourne

Published 27th September 2023