Stephenson Street is in Cremorne, and was identified in the most recent Local Area Traffic Management plan as a cyclist priority route.


One problem is that parked cars reduce the usable width of the street, resulting in insufficient space for people driving to safely pass people who are cycling.

Image credit: Google Street View

Another problem is that the footpath from the underpass just disappears.

Image credit: Google Street View

Suggested solutions

One solution is to remove car parking and mark bicycle lanes on each side of the street. Alternatively, if parking has to be retained for now, then the bicycle lanes should retain their full width while the vehicle lane narrows, clearly indicating to people driving that they should only overtake people cycling when it’s safe to do so.

Image credit: Photo by ROB ENGELAAR/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9766374a). Unusual arrangement of traffic lanes in Meerssen, Netherlands – 20 Jul 2018.

At the underpass, a wombat crossing (a raised pedestrian crossing) should be built.

Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra, background from Google Maps.

Pocket parks

In 2022, council expanded and re-planted two pocket parks on Stephenson Street, one near Gwynne Street and one near Dover Street.

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