Dunn Street is in Cremorne, just south of Swan Street.

Image credit: Open Street Maps

Cyclist priority route

Dunn Street was identified in the Local Area Traffic Management (LATM 20) plan as a cyclist priority route. It also carries east-west pedestrian traffic through the railway underpass.

Image credit: LATM 20 report


The problem is that cars are parked on the north side of the street, while the bend in Dunn Street creates a pinch point. People drive their cars directly at people who are cycling in the opposite direction. Similarly, at the intersection with Green Street, the parked cars prevent traffic from using the full width of the street. This creates conflict between people driving and cycling.

Image credit: Google Street View

Another problem is that the marking of a solid centre line means that parking on the north side doesn’t comply with Victorian Road Rule 208 (6), which requires at least 3 metres of space between the parked car and the solid centre line.

Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra


One solution is to remove car parking from the north side to make more space available for moving traffic, and to mark bicycle lanes on each side of the street. Another solution is to retain some parking but to use bicycle lanes to narrow the vehicle lane, following this example from Germany. Note that vehicles are permitted to cross the dotted lines, as long as they do not obstruct people cycling:

Image credit: Photo by ROB ENGELAAR/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9766374a)

How you can help

You can help by appearing on the Streets Alive Yarra website as a champion for your local street, neighbourhood, or school.

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