Gleadell Street is surrounded by Richmond Town Hall, Richmond Bowls Club, Citizens Park, Richmond Recreation Centre, Lynall Hall Community School and Richmond High School. It also hosts the Gleadell Street Market each Saturday. It’s a perfect place for place making that prioritises people, helping them gather, socialise and participate in sport and recreation.

The problem is that Gleadell Street is designed for use by cars. More people would use and enjoy the street more often if it was designed for use by pedestrians.

The street could be re-named Gleadell Common.

Connection with Palmer Street

A connection with Palmer Street would improve access from surrounding streets, and make it easier for students of Richmond High School to travel between the academic campus and the sports campus.

Further information

Further information is available at, published by the Let’s Enhance Gleadell Street (LEGS) resident action group.

Local champion

Your local champion for Gleadell Street is Elizabeth Honey, Yarra resident.  View all of Streets Alive Yarra’s champions on our testimonials page.