COVID-19 Response Trials

On Tuesday 23rd June Councillors will consider a Council Report on COVID-19 Response Trials. This follows on from previous good work from Council to provide more space for physical distancing, including this pop-up parklet outside Piedemonte’s Supermarket.

Image credit: Nicklaus Mahony

The report proposes multiple trials, aimed at addressing key missing links in our bicycle network:

Image credit: City of Yarra

Details of proposals

The attachment provides more detail on each proposal, such as this trial of a closure of Trenerry Crescent.

Image credit: City of Yarra

Our view

We support the proposed trials. The key point is to build a culture of trials to enable residents to experience what it will be like. It’s a new type of community engagement. We expect that most people will end up supporting the treatments, once they’ve had a chance to see them and test them.

Even better, we expect that improving infrastructure for people who walk and cycle will bring benefits for people who drive, because it reduce the number of cars on the road. It’s a win-win, both for public health and for the liveability of our city.

We applaud the report and urge Councillors to proceed with the implementation of the proposed COVID-19 response trials.

Published on 18th June 2020.