Maintaining driveability

Many of Yarra’s streets are already congested, yet our population is increasing. By 2040, our population is expected to be 50% higher than it is now. Even if only a few of these new residents drive during peak hour, our streets will tip into gridlock. This would be a bad outcome for residents, visitors, workers and businesses. If we don’t plan properly, we face a bad outcome for both our economy and our environment.

How can we maintain driveability?

How can we maintain driveability for those who need to drive? We don’t have enough space to add traffic lanes, and even if we did, this would just induce more traffic, and congestion would return within a few years.

Instead, the solution is to allocate budget and street space to infrastructure for active transport, including traffic calming within 30 km/h superblocks, wider footpaths and protected bicycle lanes.

Active transport is pro-car

Whilst some people may experience an initial reaction that investing in active transport is anti-car, it’s actually pro-car, because it works to ensure that streets remain driveable. People who need to drive can still drive, and people who prefer to walk or cycle can do so. It’s a win-win.

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Published on 9th July 2020.