Manifesto for reform

Building on the Committee for Melbourne’s “Transporting Melbourne” report, Streets Alive Yarra offers the following “Manifesto for Reform” for the City of Yarra.

Image credit: Streets Alive Yarra, with Council logo from the City of Yarra.

The document describes several clearly identifiable trends:

  • Increasing population density.
  • Increasing traffic congestion and parking congestion.
  • Increasing climate warming.
  • Increasing differences in the rights of residents to access public land.

Together with reforms designed to mitigate the negative impacts of the trends, including:

  • Allocation of public space.
  • Access to public space.
  • Management of public space.
  • Consultation regarding public space.
  • Planning scheme.
  • Pricing policy.

Finally, the document defines data sets that Council can publish to inform stakeholders, including:

  1. Area of land allocated to each use type.
  2. Number of permits sold.
  3. Revenue from on-street parking.
  4. Subsidy of on-street parking.

Streets Alive Yarra would be delighted to provide further detail or explanation of the themes raised in this document. Contact us on

Published 1st August 2020.