DoT pledges 25% mode share for active transport by 2030

The state government Department of Transport has released a pledge to reduce emissions from the transport sector.

The pledge highlights the benefits of investing in public and active transport to reduce congestion and emissions:

The pledge includes an increase in the mode share of active transport to 25% by 2030.

Image source: DoT

Notably, the pledge includes a commitment to better integrated transport and land use planning:

Image source: DoT

Our view

We applaud the state government and DoT for making this pledge. It is both welcome and much needed, both to reduce carbon pollution and to increase social justice, including equity of safe access for those who can’t drive or can’t afford to drive.

However, the pledge for 25% mode share falls far short of the 50% mode share seen in best-practice cities around the world, such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Melbourne can and should do much better, including:

Published 4th May 2021